Dr. Terri Mishler has been providing psychotherapy services to adults,
teenagers and children for over twenty years. She has a doctorate in
Psychology and has been licensed as a psychologist in Oregon since 1989.
Her private office in Beaverton, Oregon is located and designed to allow
clients to arrive to and depart from therapy appointments in privacy.

    Therapy begins with first developing an understanding of your unique
situation and what you wish to change. After working together to understand
your needs for counseling, Dr. Mishler will suggest a plan for your

    Most adults come to therapy appointments by themselves, at least initially.
For some, therapy also includes other family members. If the plan for your
therapy includes both individual and joint counseling, Dr. Mishler has the
expertise to provide those services rather than require multiple doctors.
While in some situations there can be advantages to having separate doctors
for separate types of services, for most people it is less expensive and
more efficient to be able to complete the therapy plan with one doctor.

    Dr. Mishler's office will bill your insurance for you. For most situations,
clients will need to pay a small personal payment at the time of service
and Dr. Mishler will bill and wait for reimbursement for the insurance